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Equipment for Polysilicon Production

For over 60 years, Armstrong Chemtec has manufactured large,  heavy-duty, reliable equipment for the process industries.  We offer a  wide selection of proven heating and vaporizing equipment for use in the  production of polysilicon.

  • VAPORIZERS:  Convert chlorine, HCl, mono-, di-, tri-chlorosilanes, silicon tetrachloride liquids to vapor.
  • FLUIDIZED BED RADIANT HEATERS:  Add heat to a fluidized bed to control reaction temperatures.
  • PROCESS  COIL RADIANT HEATERS:  Heat a process gas stream of high pressure/ high temperature fluid such as silicon tetrachloride, trichlorosilane,  hydrogen.
  • IMMERSION HEATERS:  Provide heat to process gas streams such as hydrogen.

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